Great sound and reliability.

Our state-of-the-art streaming solution is extremely reliable and 100% compatible with all industry standards. It features adaptive bitrate streaming for best possible reception quality, intelligent load balancing and first-class reporting.


Easily connect to all common marketers and ad server technologies to monetize your reach.

Audio Experience

Integration with our web & native apps for the best listener experience.


Get a better understanding of your users by combining streaming and website/app analytics. 

Selected Feature Overview

We offer the "no-bullshit" streaming solution with all key features you require to provide your listeners with the best experience. We are constantly working with our customers to develop new features and technologies to meet the needs of today's forward-looking audio publishers.*


Unlimited parallel sessions with adaptive bitrate streaming

Scalable, needs-based load distribution

Client Integration

Single-source technology​ for continual high-quality audiostreams

Platform-side transcoding to necessary output formats and quality levels

Backwards compatibility to Icecast

Metadata transmission

Metadata enrichment

Failure Safety & Fallback

Source monitoring

Silent detection

Switch to alternative channel

Switch to emergency audio file

Real-time Analytics

User profile

Audio sessions, session length etc.



AGMA Logfiles processing and transmission

Live Dashboard


Integration of any marketers with VAST 4 compatibility

Keying-in of pre- and mid-roll spots

Companion banner


Onboarding and set-up

24/7 support

 * Depending on actual set-up

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