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radiosphere Studio updates and improvements

15. Nov 2022

Video Killed the Radio Star

Apple CarPlay

iOS apps can now be activated for Apple CarPlay. With CarPlay, selected app functions (e.g. streams) can be used via the car's display. So your listeners can enjoy their favourite radio channels comfortably during the car ride.

Other major improvements

Component conditions

Extended analytics on the dashboard

New broadcast analytics

Filters for event calender

Multi-Select component

14. Sep 2022

Marshall Mathers

Text styling options 

With our newest Studio release we provide numerous styling options for text, such as enhanced text styling, support for strikethrough text style, intelligent key commands and background colour for specific text, and enhanced support for non-http for links in text.

Other major improvements

HTML element implementation 

New post and teaser layouts

Expired/finished Interactions display

Sentry support

26. Aug 2022


Interactions creation

Now you can create and evaluate Interactions much faster. We have standardised the creation mechanism of Campaigns. We have also completely revised the results page.

  • Number of submissions and participant's demographics

  • Call up results depending on the interaction form

  • Export results as CSV file

Other major improvements

Extended copy and paste functionality

Top pages analytics on dashboard

Default page template

Roll-out of new radiosphere CI to the Studio